At the OPINS Co-op we are deeply involved in organic production and marketing. We do understand that the Organic industry is changing, rapidly. We are building our lives and business with respect for the earth’s resources.

Agronomy Services: Providing a service of responsive to our grower producers on farm needs, the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Producers are truly the foundation of all organic activity. From seed response knowledge, feeding the soils, to plant health and all the related skills needed to produce more crops at lower cost per bushels. Doing this sustainability we have the knowledge base that goes back to the 70’s. We look beyond the above the soil response to develop whole system answers to issues found on your soils.

Business Integrity: We strive for transparency in all our interactions with our producers and our end user customers.

OPINS Co-op and associated Production Management for Crops (PMC) Inc. have provided agronomic services for producers across the region since 1974. Focused on more yields at less cost per bushel, we have stood the test of time in serving Agriculture’s needs. Pest management, soil fertility, water management, crop damage assessment, and field research are tools we use in our clients’ fields.

We have subscribed to the philosophy of using treatments only when needed. When treatments are used we look for the most efficient methods of delivery, economic viability at the optimum rate and time to produce the most bushels at the least cost per unit.

OPINS CO-OP: As a Co-op, we market grains for our members and potential members. We are in the market place every day, seeking to establish long tern relationships for grains, conventional non GMO grains and organic grains. We believe the enlarging organic markets, coupled with a growing non GMO demand by the public, will continue to demand quality grains. This can be met with western grain belt grown “grains of distinction” like we have seen produced, quality and consistent distinctive grains. I encourage your future review of our services to market your grains.

If and when you consider a shift to an organic perspective, we can provide some contracts, answers to questions and mentoring to the organic model of farming on your ground. We look forward to talking with you to answer questions about how PMC OR OPINS we can be of service to your operation and developing a long term successful sustainability to agriculture.

Foundation: We have decades of agronomy, certification knowledge from an inspector perspective, and quality concerns as our driving force when we are involved with it.